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Find out what is going on around town! Post your events, business sales, yard sales, fundraisers, donations, etc. for FREE!!! Don't keep running around town putting up flyers!

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FREE Local job listings, school registration and scholarship information, business registration information, and "local" business directory!

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We want to get into fields such as communications, marketing, hosting, publishing, and many more! Contact us if you would like to make a difference!

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Make Your Money Work For You!

DID YOU KNOW? Credit unions concentrate on savings and offer higher rates of return on both savings accounts and more complex savings products, like money markets and CDs. Thus, you could choose to keep your emergency savings fund and longer-term savings in a credit union, while still using a bank for your day-to-day checking and cash needs. Often, you can even link your accounts, making it easier to transfer money out of checking and into a higher-rate credit union share account. By forming a relationship with the credit union and showing a stable account, you'll be able to secure better loan rates down the road. Of course, if you think you'll need overdraft protection on your checking account, you'd be better off keeping both savings and checking with the same bank.

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